Hex Keep

Keep Playing.

About us

There is an old African proverb that says: "If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together".

Hex Keep's team definitely wants to go further than ever. And that's why its team was built around experience, passion and friendship.

Marco Matarazzo

Founder and CEO

Games must be taken seriously

Marco is the soul of the project. He dreams about games complex enough to be engaging and deep enough to be addictive. Games one can play with friends always and everywhere. After some years of engineering and team leading in Dada and a brief experience in Musixmatch, he learned the importance of an open API system, and aims to bring it to games.

Andrea Della Porta

Co-founder and Unity Master

Games must be cool

Andrea is the frontend master. He works hard to bring game clients into existence, delving into code and graphics assets with ease. His technical background in cross-platform industry products naturally evolved during the years, and his interest in videogames easily drove the change.

Tommaso Baldovino

Co-founder and Web Specialist

Games must be accessible

Web and UI/UX are Tommaso's daily bread. His job is to design, develop and implement interfaces that are accessible and immediate, for both our websites and our games. His strong technical skills developed through years of experience of professional work for big companies like Blogo.it, Dada.net and Register.it.

Giovanni Gargani

Co-founder and Backend Sage

Games must be deep

When it's time to hack into the server code, Giovanni is unmatched. He is the man behind the scenes, the one that allows the magic to happen with a bunch of lines of code. He for sure left his mark in the net, creating Nebbie Arcane, the first italian pkill MUD, and Aspide's Freeweb, the first italian free web community.

Tommaso Fauli

Co-founder and Rules Guru

Games must be smooth

Tommaso knows how to design games and make them absolutely addictive. When his tumultuous creativity could no longer be kept at bay by his engineering mind, he found out a way to make them work together, and started designing games. His passion just recently met his career with Inmedia, but is definitely promising.

Francesco Sedda

Experience Creator

Games must be immersive

Game lover and designer, music experimenter and knowledge seeker. Graduate in Media Design and Multimedia Arts, he splits his time between analogic and digital games, thus having games taking up all his virtual and physical space.

Elena Bartolomei

Concept Dreamer

Games must be beautiful

Elena's inspiration, together with her amazing artistic abilities, gives form to our game universe. She is in charge of game elements graphic design. Her professionality is great, but she rarely manages to keep her enthusiasm and her contagious cheerfulness in check... and we absolutely love it.

Carlo Giordano

Model Virtual Sculptor

Games must be solid

Carlo's unique approach to problems is something we really value. Even if he is still moving his first steps into the world of 3D, he is always willing to learn and try out new things. He works on 3D models, and he also often tackle a wide range of 2D tasks. And don't be fooled: that guy is a first-class videogamer.