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Gates of Horizon

They arrived in 2149, and we were not ready at all. They took less than 24 hours to bring down the entire Sol System. The Earth population, the Moon Colonies and the Orbital Station barely managed to survive, desperately opening random Gates to unknown systems and crossing them with few ships lucky enough to survive.

As the years went by we settled on new planets, building three separate empires that quickly grew, expanded and prepared for what we all knew it would eventually happen. And then, just before the year 2200, they came.

But this time, we fought back.

Gates of Horizon is a space conquest online game.

During your space journey you and your friends will gain power over the universe leading your fleet around the systems, improving and managing your crew and your assets, taking control of entire sectors with your corporation and figthing the dreaded alien menace that still threatens the human race.

Will you be ready?

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